Hi! I'm Annabella Rosa and I'm your Mental Health Witch!

I’m a mental health counsellor of 15 years with a BA in Psychology, who has helped thousands of people in my practice.


I’ve worked at huge national companies providing crisis counselling support, and educating the whole of Australia about mental health, through hundreds of school-based workshops and digital content creation (e.g. web articles, social media posts, etc.).


I’ve also worked with media, including appearing on the ABC TV and Channel 10 TV networks, countless FM radio interviews for a range of different stations across Australia, and writing articles with Pedestrian TV and National Geographic magazine. A kids psychology TV show I helped research, write and was interviewed in as an expert was even nominated for a Gold Logie Award in 2022!


Oh, and I’m also an initiated witch and priestess of the Goddess, and devoted to seeing the magic in the world.✨

Unlike many other mental health professionals, I know that there is a part of us that has a real need to connect with the divine, participate in ritual, and connect with symbols and archetypes to understand and create transformations in our lives.

I’m here to join all those things together with psychology so this work really serves not just the body and mind, but the body, mind and soul.

My super power is that I take complex information about the brain and make it simple and easy to understand and apply, so that you know how to use this information to make a big difference to your mental health. It’s one thing to have information about depression – it’s quite another to be able to use it to manage, or even recover from depression. I’m dedicated to translating mental health healing to serve the witchy and spiritual community.

I’m your mental health witch and I am here to help you heal your mental health issues so you can live your most magickal life!

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I was barely even a tween when I first started experiencing mental health issues.

I experienced trauma when I was 11 years old. Living in a small country town where mental health was stigmatised, with no mental health education, and a typical Australian ‘she’ll be right’ attitude lead to me experiencing severe anxiety for all of my teens and early twenties.


In my late teens, I developed an eating disorder in a desperate attempt to try and control my trauma-related anxiety symptoms. I began to spiral.


My anxiety and eating disorder consumed several years of my life. In my early twenties, this eventually culminated in a high-functioning depression, which, at it’s most severe, saw me experiencing unwanted and intrusive suicidal thoughts daily. I was desperate for a way to make it stop.


My personal experiences set me on a quest to learn all I could about mental health. I chose to study psychology at university and learn everything there was to know about depression, anxiety and mental heath disorders. I was insatiably curious – I wanted to know exactly why mental health issues happen, what they mean, and how to heal them.


I was on a mission to save myself from my own darkness – and I did. ✨

From feeling hopeless, alone and broken, I managed to heal myself, and now my life is full. ❤ I have a wonderful devoted romantic partner, a successful career I love, a supportive family, an incredible network of caring friends, and financial wealth, and most importantly – happiness. I’ve travelled to over 45 countries around the world, and have had the immense privilege to help hundreds and hundreds of other women just like me.


I didn’t heal just through applying my psychological knowledge. What worked for me was blending evidence-based psychology practices with myth, magick, witchcraft and spirituality. 


Now, I am not going to sugar coat it – it took years to undergo my own spiritual transformation and healing to get to this place. But it was SO WORTH IT. My life now is so far beyond anything that fifteen year old me ever could have imagined possible!


And the beauty of my studies and transformation is that now I get to help people just like you make their own powerful transformations and heal themselves so they are free to live the magickal life they deserve.


You can live an extraordinary, magickal, joyful life – mental health does not have to stop you.

What makes me different

Education & Expertise

Knowledge is definitely powerful. My education in psychology didn’t end after I finished my degree. In the past 15 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with over 200 tertiary qualified psychologists to build an immense knowledge base – and I want to share the best of the best with you! My courses and counselling are neuroscience-informed, trauma-informed, evidence-based and co-designed with other amazing women with lived experience.

Lived Experience

There’s nothing worse than showing up to your first therapy appointment only to find that your psychologist is a privileged pale stale male on a power trip, with no first hand experience of living as a woman with mental health issues. I’ve lived with, and healed myself from a range of mental health disorders. We’re equals. I want to work with you, kind of like a slightly wiser big sister – doing the hard work together, which is why I view myself as your peer support rather than your therapist!

Passion to Empower

I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely angry at the unfair and harmful way the world currently works. All the wrong people are in power – and they only benefit from our mental health struggles, as these disempower us spiritual women from being able to make real change. Mental health issues are a normal, healthy response to our broken systems – but we need to experience good wellbeing in order to fight the good fight and change the system from the inside out!

Spiritual Experience

I’ve been a witch for over fifteen years. During that time, I’ve studied with three different covens, learned and embodied spiritual and trance dance practices from around the globe, worked with gods, spirits and the fey, developed and honed my psychic abilities and made pilgrimage to ancient and sacred sites across Europe, Asia and South America.

Integration of Body, Mind & Soul

Other cultures and religions have healers who combine the spiritual and scientific. Unfortunately, in Western culture, we separate these two out – you have your scientifically minded psychologists, or your extremely-skilled-but-lacking-the-neuroscience-know-how spiritual healers, like tarot readers and reiki practitioners. In my personal experience, I needed both psychology and spirituality to heal fully – and so I created a unique, blended and holistic approach to mental healing. After all, your ‘mind’ is the middle of the body-mind-soul triad, and poor mental health affects all three aspects of your being, as your mind is the link between your body and soul.

How you can work with me

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I want quick, interesting insights about myself

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I want to improve my wellbeing and enjoy good mental health

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I want personalised support to achieve my witchy wellbeing goals

Work magick with me ✨

The ultimate self-study witchy mental health course

This 6-week virtual self-help course is everything you need to know about witchy wellness.


Combining neuroscience with goddess archetypes, and evidence-based coping strategies with spells, rituals, meditations and other magickal practices, you’ll have everything you need to take your wellbeing to the next level.

"I actually have a degree in psychology and I can't believe how much I didn't know about my own brain... and I love learning more about tarot as a spiritual + mindfulness tool!"

The power of 'insider' mental health knowledge...

Recently, I was supporting a friend who was struggling with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and self-harm. Casually, as part of normal conversation, I explained to her the psychology behind self-harm – why it’s so addictive and why it becomes a coping strategy for anxiety and depression.


Once I finished explaining, she was staring at me in astonishment.


That’s when she told me she’d seen about 17 different specialists in and out of hospital for mental health issues and self-harm for half of her life – and not a single one of them had told anything about the psychology of self-harm.

She went through a full spectrum of emotions – from feeling validated that she wasn’t a failure or broken for self-harming, to anger – anger and devastation that she had seen so many professionals and no one had ever shared this valuable knowledge with her.

I've known and had the pleasure of working with many amazing mental health professionals. But to find out that empowering knowledge and coping strategies aren't being made readily available broke my heart. I was spurred to action - and the Mental Health Witch was born!

Your Mental Health Spellbook - a guide to wellness backed by magick and psychology!

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